bsby international trading


BSBY started in Israel in 2007 providing outsourcing solutions for the design and prototyping of small devices including medical.  This outsourcing service was then enhanced, adding sourcing, procurement, assembly, and warehousing to become a full turnkey solution for clients. BSBY brought together outside teams of leading experienced professionals in the field to get the final products designed, produced and shipped to market.  The teams included engineers, quality assurance people, procurement professionals, assembly workers, and more.  BSBY was then able to manage the entire process from start to finish, or let the client choose which of the services best suited their requirements.    

Through its experience in the medical device area, BSBY began supplying medical consumables to a select group of customers, consolidating their purchasing from multiple wholesalers.   

In a separate part of the company BSBY provided an international brokerage service for sourcing out-of-country suppliers of lead acid batteries that are in very high demand.  By locating and connecting suppliers to buyers, and arranging the difficult logistics and permitting process, BSBY soon became an integral part of the process in obtaining dependable, high volume lead supplies for the parties.