The market for the reclamation of certain high value metals has a number of challenges aside from the physical extraction of the metals themselves.  In times of short supply and high demand, sourcing raw materials is extremely difficult and one must search far and wide around the world for supply.  Another difficulty is the fact that these materials are designated as hazardous, and that designation comes with many restrictions and rules that require specialized permitting from all countries on route to and from the source country and destination country.  Furthermore, even though a supplier is found, it does not guarantee that the supply will last, or that the pricing will remain feasible given the shipping considerations.  This could mean that the supply is temporary, and therefore supply chain production planning can be problematic.  In the case of obtaining lead from lead acid automotive batteries, all of the above issues are particularly acute.

BSBY’s environmental brokerage service helps lead buyers solve many of these challenges.  By fully understanding the buyer’s requirements and constraints, a search is started for suppliers of lead acid batteries.  Once BSBY sources a supplier and relationship is established, a pricing model is worked out and the process begins. BSBY will first determine the most cost effective shipping solution and then facilitate the required government permitting process for each of the countries involved.  As batteries are considered hazardous materials and the buyer must qualify as an approved recycler, the permitting process is not simple.  In fact, the approval process can take anywhere from 1-6 months. Upon approval, the buyer and supplier continue the relationship directly with some input from BSBY.  Volumes of up to thousands of tons per months are possible.

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