BSBY International Trading provides full turnkey design-to-production outsourcing solutions for small medical device manufacturing.  From concept to full production, delivery and warehousing, BSBY will establish a customized team of professionals that will work with you to achieve your product launch or full production outsourcing needs.  Importantly for medical devices in some jurisdictions, the company can implement ISO 13485:2003 when and if required.  Whether you require a full turnkey outsourcing solution, or just a part of that, our experts will be there to fully manage whatever services you choose.  

As a client, you can customize the services you need to meet your requirements where BSBY takes full responsibility for each task assigned. Our services range from:

  •     Product Design
  •     Prototyping
  •     Sourcing
  •     Procurement
  •     Product Assembly
  •     Inventory Management
  •     Logistics


Product Design
Starting with a design requirement brief, BSBY works with its clients to determine product design objectives.  A customized team of experienced professionals is assembled to create a vision incorporating all product elements from packaging, graphics, documentation and of course the product itself.  BSBY uses industry leading professionals in a number of fields to address design and marketing requirements while conforming to medical device regulatory agencies.    

As a transition from design to manufacturing, prototyping is a necessary step to ensure that the design will function as envisioned.  BSBY will source the appropriate prototyping provider and work with them and our clients throughout the entire process until a final version is client approved.  

A critical part of the BSBY turnkey solution is sourcing of quality products/materials from reliable suppliers to create the end product.  Manufacturing and assembly depends heavily on quality, price and reliability, and missing the mark on any one of them can be detrimental to the operation.  BSBY’s experience in sourcing the required components from suppliers around the world, delivers to our clients a cost, quality, and price competitive advantage that is hard to beat.

Once a product is sourced, the task of purchasing is critical to maintaining an uninterrupted manufacturing assembly process.  BSBY ensures that the right inventory arrives on time for the current production schedule, and anticipates upcoming requirements, optimizing the production workflow, minimizing waste, and avoiding stockouts.

Product Assembly
BSBY’s turnkey product assembly service provides clients with a ready-to-ship packaged product that can be delivered anywhere in the world. BSBY can design and source the required parts from plastics injection molding, metal fabrication and stamping, and enclosure systems. These mechanical parts are integrated with PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) and final assembly manufacturing capabilities for a complete product solution ready for sale.  BSBY’s assembly service can be scaled to meet your needs as volumes change over time. The service encompasses everything from purchasing the required materials, inventory management, product assembly, packaging, quality assurance, warehousing, and shipping.   

Inventory Management
Managing inventory is another important part of the BSBY turnkey offering.  Using cloud-based IT solutions, BSBY is able to optimize inventory levels that balance customer demand fluctuations, shipping requirements, distributor capabilities, and production schedules.

BSBY strategically locates its operations to maximize global delivery efficiencies.  With many years of experience with logistics providers, BSBY is able to develop a cost effective global shipping strategy that minimizes costs.  In this way, you can count on BSBY to effectively reach your customers in whatever region of the globe they are in and still remain price competitive.

BSBY also has extensive hazardous materials shipping experience and can organize the entire process of obtaining permits and shipping.